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Printing with the environment in mind

Our Eco-Friendly Printing

Powered by 100% renewable energy with investment in waterless printing presses, using non-soya vegetable oil based inks and a zero waste to landfill policy since 2005, we have eliminated the use of all hazardous substances and water in production. Being certified Carbon Neutral, we use materials from eco-friendly, ethically and environmentally certified sources: 95% (by volume) of material purchased are Forest Stewardship Council-certified or recycled.

Our History

Founded as Anglia Printing Services by Fred Popely in 1978, we are a commercial print company based in Norwich, Norfolk and Beccles, Suffolk, which became Ltd in 2008. Supporting individuals, businesses and charities within the local area we help employees achieve a good work-life balance and provide opportunities for skills and career progression, but the core of our business is producing high quality print, combined with excellent customer service, using state of the art technology with minimal environmental impact.

Zero waste to landfill since 2005

Meet the Team



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