Circular Economy

Anglia Print and the Circular Economy

“A circular economy keeps the value of products, materials and resources in the economy for as long as possible and eliminates waste.” — EU 2019.

“An environmentally aware and progressive printing company will be applying informally the principles of the circular economy.” — David Shorto, Greenpeace.

Anglia Print is the only UK company to adopt the EU’s guidance on EMAS and the circular economy

While the main focus of the EU guidance is resource use, it is very much an initiative with an emissions-reduction angle: the emissions associated with resource manufacture, use, transport and end of life disposal.

We are fortunate that the printed product has the potential to be produced in a sustainable manner and that the UK printing industry (which includes the paper industry) has associated a diverse and considerable number of ethically and environmentally responsible practices and companies.

As an environmentally aware and progressive company, we source and purchase sustainable products and services and our drive for continual improvement creates a culture of innovation.

The printed product is inherently recyclable and industry sizes (paper sizes and press sizes) are based around cost-effective and non-wasteful formats. A progressive company reduces waste and maximises recycling opportunities.

Additionally, mainly driven by technological advances, the environmental impact of the UK printing industry has drastically reduced in recent years.

Anglia Print utilises EMAS as a framework for performance measuring, including resource use, and analysis to drive our annual improvement objectives.